New Reels + Projects

A new reel I put together with some recent work. Had a couple projects finalize edits and are currently making the rounds. Always exciting to see something come together – and can’t wait to see what happens next. Great teams behind all of the projects.

Amy’s Tasting Room Diaries

African Giants (feature film)

Imaginary Friends (pilot/proof of concept)

New Reel

Amy’s Tasting Room Diaries

🎬 Amy’s Tasting Room Diaries 🎬
First time I’ve gotten to combine the dream of work & travel… and it’s everything I’d hoped it’d be. Spending a week in Solvang and Los Olivos, filming all day, trying to explore at night but mostly being in bed by 8pm and asleep by 830pm for a 7am call time. It was simply the best…

I wish I could do this every single day and am so happy I got to sample the life experiences of combining work and travel – the two things I love doing the most.

Thanks to the entire cast and crew – you were a damn joy to be around every day for a week and hope we all do this again!

Winter Road Trip December 2021-January 2022

24 Days spent traversing the western United States. Over 3,600 miles exploring this beautiful country – living out of Jeep Wrangler – alone. It’s one of the most incredible experiences I have had, and a true adventure. Including the part where I got stuck in the mountains – off a side road embankment – in 4 feet of snow – 40 miles from the nearest human – no cell service – in 12 degree weather… for 2 days. Alone. Scariest moment of my life. You can hear about that here. <<<

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Here is a sample:

‘Imaginary Friends’ Proof of Concept shoot

A couple months back I saw a posting about a comedic proof of concept short. They were casting the 4 leads – and I knew I was perfect for one of the roles. I emailed casting (maybe more than once) and my persistence paid off. They sent my materials to the directors (one of whom is the writer of Van Wilder, and Girl Next Door) and they loved my reel. They skipped the audition and gave me a straight to chemistry read with a few actresses – and I booked the part. It was a highlight of my career – and a moment where it shows – in this business – you have to do everything you can to try and fight for what you want – and should the opportunity arise – knock it out of the fucking park. So grateful for this experience and hoping it can turn into something in 2022.

The main cast is myself, Soleil Moon Frye, Josh Banday, and Ayden Skye.