Patagonia, South America; 18 Days in a Van.

More to come soon about my trip to Chile and Argentina… living out of a van and traveling 4,000 miles through Patagonia from Dec. 26, 2019 to January 14, 2020.

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“Porch Light” at Dances With Film Festival

The film Porch Light screened at the Dances With Film Festival in Hollywood at the Chinese Grauman’s Theater.

Scott plays one of the three main characters in the short film which has recently won the “Best Short Film” at the Omaha Film Festival.


Julia Bergeron

Europe, 2018-2019.

I went on a solo adventure to close out 2018 and open 2019.  Pictures can be seen on my instagram here and while I could write pages about the experience, I’ll just leave the words I wrote for when I came back to L.A and had a moment to look back:

“Paris. January 2019.
I love to take pictures. And I love to write. So if it’s okay with you (not that it matters it’s my social media, bitches) but I would like to say a couple words… I’m back in LA and slowly the pieces of myself are coming back together. You see, I left some of my laughter in Belgium, some of my awe in Potsdam, a bit of spirit in Switzerland, some curiosity in Germany, and a little piece of heart in France. When you travel you allow yourself to connect with these foreign cities. Strangers in a new land. You get drunk off the glowing lights and high on the voices of languages you don’t understand. And you simply connect. Little smiles. Glances. Thank you’s exchanged. These moments eclipsed in time that forever live on in your memory. A place you once were. A feeling you once had. If only for a brief moment, a page in your book of life was written in the ink of true adventure. And so I write and photograph, and it gives me peace knowing a part of me can forever hold onto these fading swells from a time that was nothing short of amazing. It was real. It happened. And I am so grateful. With that, I say, be kind. And adventure often. ❤️🌍”


‘Already Lucky’ Film Premier

Photos from the ‘Already Lucky‘ film premier.

Scott co-stars as the role of Jack.


Anthony Bourdain.

At 4:40AM my phone woke me with a text from a good friend.  At first, I thought, maybe he is traveling, or, maybe he is drunk.  Anything seemed more likely than what it actually was.  A text that read: “Dude Bourdain. So Sad. I know you were a fan too.”

I immediately went on CNN to see if it was true.  And it was.  So I read.  I watched clips.  And then I cried.  A lot.  And for a while I couldn’t stop.  Alone in my bed at 4:40 in the morning with heavy streams of tears coming down my cheeks, and deep inhalations of air as I tried to catch my breath as my mind crawled back in time, reliving a picture show of the memories Bourdain has given me and inspired me to create.  I had to stop but I couldn’t.  I wanted to sleep but couldn’t.  I wanted to hear it was a joke, but couldn’t.  So, I watched the sun come up from my bedroom window, I picked up my lap top, and I am doing the one thing that has always been there for me, and helped me through every tough time in my life… I am going to write.

Even now I have to take breaks to catch my sniffling breath, or rearrange the downward frown from my mouth as it bends into the shape of a horse shoe before a quick pool of tears overflows from my eyes.  It won’t stop.  I’ve always been emotional, but c’mon, this was Bourdain, this was my guy, this man who I never met yet changed my life completely.  He was my inspiration, my leader, and in some way he seemed like my friend.  He just didn’t know it, and now he won’t. And I will never get to say thank you.

When I was 7 years old I went to Jamaica.  I learned there is another world outside my suburban home.  When I was 21 I lived in Italy. I learned that food could change your world, and you could fall in love with a place.  When I was 23 I traveled for 10 days in Israel followed by a 3 month backing trip through Southeast Asia. I learned that there are places in the world no photo will ever do justice for, and that once again, you could fall in love not only with a place, but with a stranger you begin to travel with.  When I was 27 I went by myself to Peru, climbed Machu Picchu, learned that the world is far more beautiful than I could have ever imagined…

Then, I met a girl who asked me one simple question and the answer changed my life forever.

As we sat there on a little cramped balcony overlooking the town of Cusco, Peru, two cold beers in our hands, and two warms shots on the small table, she looked at me and asked, “What is your dream job?”  My response, which came suddenly and without hesitation, “To be like Anthony Bourdain.”

And that was it.  The beginning of a dramatic life change.

I came back home, applied to work for his company who unfortunately weren’t hiring, so I decided in Bourdain essence, to say fuck it, I’ll do it myself.  And thus began a journey of a show called Locals Only.  We did two full length episodes, some bite sized segments, some write ups and recipe videos and we got a good little run out of it.  I tried so hard to get to the next step, I really did.

I even quit my desk job at Mandeville Films/Disney Studios to pursue this food and travel dream.  But not before I did a road trip by myself through Costa Rica for a few weeks.  And then after I quit, I went on a three month road trip (where I was once again solo for most of it) from Los Angeles through the Pacific Northwest, up to Canada and then across Canada, and down through Mountain states camping in national parks along the way.  I drove over 4,000 miles, hit over 12 National Parks, and saw 7 states and 2 countries.  It was one of the happiest times in my life.

You see, I had this zest for life that I owed to Anthony Bourdain.  Because he inspired me to do more than what was thought normal, to take risks, to try new things, and to truly live a life that fills your heart with memories, and leaves pieces of your soul along the worn down road.  At the core of this whole thing was one simple idea he expressed… to simply see the world and learn from it.  He did that through travel, but he also expressed the notion that when you sit down to eat a table, it doesn’t matter what language you speak, you can share a meal and get to know someone.  Food is the universal language and thus we can combine food and travel so easily to create something beautiful.  And that is exactly what he did.  And it was beautiful.

He taught me my body is a theme park, not a museum.  He taught me that we are here for a good time, not a long time.  To get off my couch, to move, to explore, to love, to experience life and take it on a fucking journey.  And I am.  And I will be.

But he won’t.  Not anymore.  His journey ended today, leaving behind a daughter, and a job that so many people would do anything for.  And thus here I am writing my emotions into a blank page at 5:30 in the morning trying to cope with the news that one of my biggest heroes is dead.

I’ll never get to say it to you in person Mr. Bourdain, so I will say it here now.  Thank you.  Thank you for being you.  For being different.  For encouraging people to have a zest for life that advocated experience, culture, change, walking in other people’s shoes.  You not only made me a better person, you made the world a better place.  You made strangers come together who only had one thing in common, you.  Because everywhere we would go we’d see your books in the hands of travelers sitting down to breakfast,  or overhear quotes from you being passed along in buses,  read them written in travel blogs, or scrawled across hostel bed rooms and Lonely Planet guide books.  You gave rise to a generation of foodies and travel mongers, you gave us a captain to look up to, a tangible dream to go after.  You made it okay to get drunk, to cuss, to get tattoos, and ultimately to have some fucking fun in life.  You taught us to look outside the windows and stare deeply into the stars.

You changed my life Mr. Bourdain.  I wish we could have changed yours.

To anyone who reads this:  We’ve long been seeing a trend in suicide and while so many others have simple scrolled through social media without too much of my attention or emotion, this one truly hurt.  It broke my heart, and my heart hasn’t been broken in a long time.  Editing this now at 7:51AM and it still is hitting me in waves that fill my eyes in tears.   Please, if you are ever down, or feel like you’re in a darkened place where the light will never shine… call me.  I don’t give a fuck if I have not spoken to you in years.  In high school, I was on the poetry club, it doesn’t get much softer than that.  I loved to listen and would often do so… I would have no problem talking in person about the deepest darkest secrets, or getting phone calls at 3 in the morning from a friend going through a tough time… and nothing has changed about me in that regard.  Please, don’t make a decision you won’t be able to reverse.  Please don’t let other people fall apart in the wake of your exit.  There is enough sadness in the world already, please, do not create more, but rather inspire change.  Everyone loves a comeback– but there is no coming back from suicide.  That is permanent.  And as you see – it can break someone’s heart, completely, even if you’ve never met.

Be good.  Be Kind.

“As you move through this life and this world you change things slightly, you leave marks behind, however small. And in return, life — and travel — leaves marks on you. Most of the time, those marks — on your body or on your heart — are beautiful. Often, though, they hurt.”

-Anthony Bourdain (June 25, 1956 – June 8, 2018)



Keep 2018 Going!

A small update of recent works:

  • 3 days on the indie feature Already Lucky
  • Supporting Character in Short Film, Porch Light
  • Lead Character in Short Film, The Eagles Are a Country Music Band
  • Appearing in an upcoming Vance Joy music video for “Saturday Sun.”
  • Lead Character in Short Film, Are You Sure?
  • Google Home Mini National Commercial 
  • Flower Commercial (yet to air)
  • Doubled for Blake Anderson on an upcoming Netflix Movie
  • Just booked a short film shooting in April as a lead character – Untitled as of now but centers around a group of 20-somethings in a gambling infused softball league in Boston, MA.


Sometimes you have to make your own luck.  Recently I sent out a slew of postcards to casting directors, and if by some chance you are one of those CD’s, and you’re actually here… well, thank you.  This is a saturated business when it comes to actors so I hope my postcard brought a little humor to your day.  And if you’re just here passing by – drop me a line – I love hand writing letters and cards.  I’m still pen-pals with my Grandma!

Anyways, those postcards were a quick intro to me.  Perhaps it will help, perhaps they’ll end up in the trash, or maybe they’ll become your coaster for the day to protect your table from the iced red eye from Starbucks.  Nonetheless, I keep the hopes held high.

2018 has been a great year as I have finished work on a feature, 4 short films, 2 commercials, and one music video for Vance Joy.  The thing I am lacking is TV credits, so that is the goal for this year.  I look forward to asking, “Do you want fries with that?” on TV versus in real life.  That’s when you know you’ve made it, right?  Life imitating art… as long as we can find some humor and joy in the things we do and pursue, then we’re doing okay… Hope to hear from you soon.  Whoever you are.