New Reels + Projects

A new reel I put together with some recent work. Had a couple projects finalize edits and are currently making the rounds. Always exciting to see something come together – and can’t wait to see what happens next. Great teams behind all of the projects.

Amy’s Tasting Room Diaries

African Giants (feature film)

Imaginary Friends (pilot/proof of concept)

New Reel

The Normal Heart – Scene for Director Workshop

Here is a scene from The Normal Heart performed by Scott Bender for television director, Alec Smight.

In the scene, Ned (Scott Bender) is asking his brother, Ben, to help with their committee in the fight against the 1980’s AIDS/HIV break out.  Ned is a gay man while Ben is a straight man, and they have never seen eye-to-eye on this cause.

Scott performs the scene twice, once as practiced and once with a note from Alec to be more sarcastic and joking in the beginning and let that emotion ride out.

My Crazy Ex: Small Parts, False Starts, and Broken Hearts (S:4 E:6) on LME

Check out Scott play the friend we all loved and hated at the same time, Ray, in an episode of LME’s “My Crazy Ex”.

Aired on Feb. 8th, 2017, Scott can be seen in the first story (of three) in the episode linked below.  A combination of American Pie’s Stiffler and Ferris Bueller, you’ll be sure to laugh at Ray’s push to party.