Scott’s Lonely Quarantine feat. Jerry & Gary

Quarantine has affected everyone in the world.  It’s created a weird time out phase for most, especially those in the entertainment industry.  Actors already lead a sort of solitary life but man, now that I have been quarantined in my apartment alone for 2 months it really messes with your mind.

When this thing began I knew I was going to need some sort of creative outlet.  But what can I do when I am by myself?  Well… I tend to pride myself on improv, comedy, and writing.  I went to film school so I know how to create content – so I figured okay, just make a one-man show BUT with characters.   A sort of sketch comedy told from the perspective of two roommates being quarantined together while their cameraman films the whole thing (and also quarantines with them).

Thus – I give you Jerry, Gary, and their cameraman Rick in “Scott’s Lonely Quarantine featuring Jerry and Gary.”

I made this for people to laugh – that’s all – so I hope you do.

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Episode 5: The Sitcom Special

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Here we go again!

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Scott’s Lonely Quarantine: Episode 2… a few words before if I may… | Life in quarantine is sort of the equivalent of hitting the pause button. Which, I’ve honestly wished for several times but it’s never what it seems, is it? Life can move so fast, sometimes the idea for things to just slow down, really sounded quite nice… but now we’ve hit this standstill – and there is so much negativity in front of us that it can be difficult to see positive, like the community that his risen together, side by side, balcony to balcony, meme to meme. | A quote by Steve Jobs has played in my mind during this time out, where he tells a graduation class from Stanford to, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Well, it seems I am hungry all the time. Like all the fucking time. Quarantine diet is just eating, doesn’t matter what, just don’t stop shoveling snacks into your mouth. So, staying hungry, check, done. But the foolish part, that is a bit harder to accomplish. Serious times can cause serious demeanor – but we must remember, it’s okay to laugh, to smile, and be a little foolish. | Lastly, if I could, I would like to add one more bit to those words of advice, and that is, "Stay creative." Just because we are in a pause mode, doesn’t mean we can’t grow. Whether it’s to read a book, try a new recipe, or build a model rocket… anything, because we must realize this given time we have, it’s a gift, so try something you may not have otherwise… for instance, I am trying to embarrass myself as much as possible while creating these videos of me being the biggest fool… all the while eating a box of Cap’n Crunch and Cheeze-Its simultaneously. | Without further adieu, please enjoy Scott’s Lonely Quarantine: Episode 2. I hope you laugh, especially at my expense… my gift to you. I hope you smile. Otherwise I apologize for wasting 3 minutes of your time-out time.

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