Amy’s Tasting Room Diaries

🎬 Amy’s Tasting Room Diaries 🎬
First time I’ve gotten to combine the dream of work & travel… and it’s everything I’d hoped it’d be. Spending a week in Solvang and Los Olivos, filming all day, trying to explore at night but mostly being in bed by 8pm and asleep by 830pm for a 7am call time. It was simply the best…

I wish I could do this every single day and am so happy I got to sample the life experiences of combining work and travel – the two things I love doing the most.

Thanks to the entire cast and crew – you were a damn joy to be around every day for a week and hope we all do this again!

‘Link: Legend of Zelda’ short film w/ alt. ending

Link: Legend of Zelda… A short film/trailer of what could be a feature length film.

Link wakes up in the woods after years of wandering, in search of something unknown to him after all this time. It is there he has a dream which speaks of what he is to do, and of what he has already done. In the dream he is told what lies ahead, what he must do to truly become the person he is meant to be. The rightful owner of the Triforce of Courage and the savior of Hyrule. #WakeUp

“Link: Legend of Zelda” is a short film to what would be a real life Legend of Zelda movie. We don’t own any rights to Zelda but wanted to come up with a project that could get people excited, get people talking. Nintendo has produced Link/Zelda video games since the 1980’s and this is just one interpretation of what a film could look like. At the end of the day, we are all fans and wanted to make something fun and entertaining. We hope you enjoy and if not, please be respectful as this took a lot of time and effort from many people. If nothing else, it will hopefully make you want to break out the N64 and play the video game.

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