Keep 2018 Going!

A small update of recent works:

  • 3 days on the indie feature Already Lucky
  • Supporting Character in Short Film, Porch Light
  • Lead Character in Short Film, The Eagles Are a Country Music Band
  • Appearing in an upcoming Vance Joy music video for “Saturday Sun.”
  • Lead Character in Short Film, Are You Sure?
  • Google Home Mini National Commercial 
  • Flower Commercial (yet to air)
  • Doubled for Blake Anderson on an upcoming Netflix Movie
  • Just booked a short film shooting in April as a lead character – Untitled as of now but centers around a group of 20-somethings in a gambling infused softball league in Boston, MA.


Sometimes you have to make your own luck.  Recently I sent out a slew of postcards to casting directors, and if by some chance you are one of those CD’s, and you’re actually here… well, thank you.  This is a saturated business when it comes to actors so I hope my postcard brought a little humor to your day.  And if you’re just here passing by – drop me a line – I love hand writing letters and cards.  I’m still pen-pals with my Grandma!

Anyways, those postcards were a quick intro to me.  Perhaps it will help, perhaps they’ll end up in the trash, or maybe they’ll become your coaster for the day to protect your table from the iced red eye from Starbucks.  Nonetheless, I keep the hopes held high.

2018 has been a great year as I have finished work on a feature, 4 short films, 2 commercials, and one music video for Vance Joy.  The thing I am lacking is TV credits, so that is the goal for this year.  I look forward to asking, “Do you want fries with that?” on TV versus in real life.  That’s when you know you’ve made it, right?  Life imitating art… as long as we can find some humor and joy in the things we do and pursue, then we’re doing okay… Hope to hear from you soon.  Whoever you are.