’32 Weeks’ Premieres Nov. 12th.

32 Weeks is an independent film I was lucky enough to be cast in as a lead character, and am incredibly proud of how the film turned out.

You can view the film here until the last week of November.

The log line: After a car accident leaves a young woman with amnesia, she is torn between the new man in her life that she can’t remember and her ex who she can’t forget.

32 Weeks is officially live on IMDb:  Link is here

The film premiered on November 12th at two film festivals:

Fort Lauderdale Film Festival here  Rome International Film Festival (Rome, Georgia) here

A New “About” Section + Road Trips

With Hollywood slowly opening its doors, I figured my ‘about me’ section was due for an update. Something a little more captivating, a little more narrative, a little more me.

You can click above where it says “About” or click here and give it a read.

A little log line: I discovered acting at an all boys summer camp when I was 12 years old because the camp play got to travel across the lake to the girls camp AND get McDonald’s on their way back. You spend 4 weeks in the woods and trust me, you’ll do just about anything for nuggets. Even sign up to be in a musical with zero singing ability and no acting experience… #NuggLife

It also talks about my love of adventure, and with 2020 being what it is, I’ve spent more time on my couch than I would like to admit… however, I did have a breaking moment and packed up my Jeep for a 2 week road trip through Utah and Colorado. A few weeks later I camped for a week in Mammoth Lakes (highly recommend!), and with fall arriving the other day, I’m thinking it may be time for round two (just have to decide where) to see the changing of the leaves. Here’s some photos from the trips I took back in April/May and July along with a 3 week stint back in St. Louis and a trip to the Ozarks.

Well that’s all for now… hope everyone is staying safe, mentally and physically. It’s been a lot of ups and downs, a year of internal review and really understanding to find peace in the stillness… it’s a work in progress.

Be kind. Adventure often.

Happy Fall 2020.

the Be Good Project

In 2012 I made this video called the Be Good Project.
It was meant to show how interconnected we are as humans…
This was a passion of mine back then and yet today the message is more pertinent than ever.
I asked a variety of people from all different backgrounds the same three questions, what is your biggest hope, fear, and secret… These are their answers:

As always… Be Kind. Be Good.

Scott’s Lonely Quarantine feat. Jerry & Gary

Quarantine has affected everyone in the world.  It’s created a weird time out phase for most, especially those in the entertainment industry.  Actors already lead a sort of solitary life but man, now that I have been quarantined in my apartment alone for 2 months it really messes with your mind.

When this thing began I knew I was going to need some sort of creative outlet.  But what can I do when I am by myself?  Well… I tend to pride myself on improv, comedy, and writing.  I went to film school so I know how to create content – so I figured okay, just make a one-man show BUT with characters.   A sort of sketch comedy told from the perspective of two roommates being quarantined together while their cameraman films the whole thing (and also quarantines with them).

Thus – I give you Jerry, Gary, and their cameraman Rick in “Scott’s Lonely Quarantine featuring Jerry and Gary.”

I made this for people to laugh – that’s all – so I hope you do.


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Episode 5: The Sitcom Special

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Here we go again!

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Scott’s Lonely Quarantine: Episode 2… a few words before if I may… | Life in quarantine is sort of the equivalent of hitting the pause button. Which, I’ve honestly wished for several times but it’s never what it seems, is it? Life can move so fast, sometimes the idea for things to just slow down, really sounded quite nice… but now we’ve hit this standstill – and there is so much negativity in front of us that it can be difficult to see positive, like the community that his risen together, side by side, balcony to balcony, meme to meme. | A quote by Steve Jobs has played in my mind during this time out, where he tells a graduation class from Stanford to, “Stay hungry. Stay foolish.” Well, it seems I am hungry all the time. Like all the fucking time. Quarantine diet is just eating, doesn’t matter what, just don’t stop shoveling snacks into your mouth. So, staying hungry, check, done. But the foolish part, that is a bit harder to accomplish. Serious times can cause serious demeanor – but we must remember, it’s okay to laugh, to smile, and be a little foolish. | Lastly, if I could, I would like to add one more bit to those words of advice, and that is, "Stay creative." Just because we are in a pause mode, doesn’t mean we can’t grow. Whether it’s to read a book, try a new recipe, or build a model rocket… anything, because we must realize this given time we have, it’s a gift, so try something you may not have otherwise… for instance, I am trying to embarrass myself as much as possible while creating these videos of me being the biggest fool… all the while eating a box of Cap’n Crunch and Cheeze-Its simultaneously. | Without further adieu, please enjoy Scott’s Lonely Quarantine: Episode 2. I hope you laugh, especially at my expense… my gift to you. I hope you smile. Otherwise I apologize for wasting 3 minutes of your time-out time.

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Self Tape – Comedy Scene (during quarantine)

Well, we could all use a little laugh.  I had a SAG workshop online and they had us do a self tape to send in to the casting director.  Rather than send an old tape, or even worse, ask a friend to come over and help, I did it myself (at home) and facetimed with a friend who read remotely.  Safety first, right?

It’s a fun two-minute scene and usually I would never post a self tape that isn’t professionally done, but hopefully we can let it slide during this time and enjoy content over production/sound quality… even though I admit the facetime reading seemed to work pretty well.

Anyways – if you have two minutes – check this little scene out.

“Porch Light” at Dances With Film Festival

The film Porch Light screened at the Dances With Film Festival in Hollywood at the Chinese Grauman’s Theater.

Scott plays one of the three main characters in the short film which has recently won the “Best Short Film” at the Omaha Film Festival.



Julia Bergeron

Europe, 2018-2019.

I went on a solo adventure to close out 2018 and open 2019.  Pictures can be seen on my instagram here and while I could write pages about the experience, I’ll just leave the words I wrote for when I came back to L.A and had a moment to look back:

“Paris. January 2019.
I love to take pictures. And I love to write. So if it’s okay with you (not that it matters it’s my social media, bitches) but I would like to say a couple words… I’m back in LA and slowly the pieces of myself are coming back together. You see, I left some of my laughter in Belgium, some of my awe in Potsdam, a bit of spirit in Switzerland, some curiosity in Germany, and a little piece of heart in France. When you travel you allow yourself to connect with these foreign cities. Strangers in a new land. You get drunk off the glowing lights and high on the voices of languages you don’t understand. And you simply connect. Little smiles. Glances. Thank you’s exchanged. These moments eclipsed in time that forever live on in your memory. A place you once were. A feeling you once had. If only for a brief moment, a page in your book of life was written in the ink of true adventure. And so I write and photograph, and it gives me peace knowing a part of me can forever hold onto these fading swells from a time that was nothing short of amazing. It was real. It happened. And I am so grateful. With that, I say, be kind. And adventure often. ❤️🌍”